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  • When is my final invoice amount sent to me?
    Once you complete your order you will get an order summary. We will then calculate the freight charges and add shipping fees to your invoice. You will be able to pay your invoice then.
  • How long does it take to get an item that shows "not in stock"?"
    Typicall we order inventory several times a year so you shouldnt have to wait more than 60 days for an out of stock item. For custom orders this may take longer.
  • What if I want to pick up an item in person?
    No problem! We will have the item put aside for you, just call us to schedule a pickup.
  • What Items can I customize?
    Just about everything can be customized. If you do not see the color you are wanting and it shows up on the Galican Sport website; give us a call and we can help you design and build your custom equipment.
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